Too forward?

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Too forward?
Fri, 08-12-2011 - 2:47am

I saw this guy on facebook. I don't know how the hell i stumble into it (we don't have any mutual facebook friends) but he looks like one of my friend that moved away. He's pretty cute and i've never done this but i decided to add him as friends and sent him a facebook message.

I said, "This is totally random but by any chance were you from XXXhigh? Strange question, huh? You look a friend I had when I was a kid. Dang, I sound like a creeper. HAHA… the things I go through to satisfy my curiosity. haha!"

He accepted my friend request that night itself but didn't reply. It has been three days. Should I chat with him the next time I see him online on facebook? or should I just let it be? I'm afraid if i just chat with him, it seems too forward and I don't know what to say...


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Fri, 08-12-2011 - 11:26am

Hymm, well, I don't think it was too forward but, if he accepted your friend request but didn't reply, I'd guess that it isn't him and that this guy doesn't know you.

Maybe you could do a search for your friend that moved away?


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Mon, 08-15-2011 - 4:29pm

do they have the same name??? that right there would tell ys if he was a friend from school or not??