Trying to wrap my brain around something my fiance said~

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Trying to wrap my brain around something my fiance said~
Sat, 06-09-2012 - 6:12pm

Its been awhile since I have been on here. But I have something that has bothered me which I'm not sure what to think.

2 days ago my fiance (52) and I (56) were talking about his youngest daughter(27) she is going through a divorce, which she was married less then a year. Well she meet a guy within a month of all this divorce stuff and they were together for a couple of months but he has since gone back to his ex wife..So as we were talking about them not seeing each other anymore, my fiance said that his daughter is stressed out from all of what is happening in her life and when she gets that way she needs sex to releive her stress that is why she was with that guy probably.

He proceeded to say that his daughter is a very sexually this point I am looking at him in disbelif at what he just said.

Then I said >and you know this how?? What would make you say so mething like that? How on earth do you know this? Ihave 3 sons that are all in there 20's and I would never say anything like that, matter fo fact, that would not even factor in the conversation.

So I said to him> Why on earth would a you say that about your daughter?..that is just weird of you to say anything like that. He said that is how people relieve stress. I said there are many ways to releive stress.

As I kept talking about how strange that was he got very defensive about all of it.

Most Dads dont even want to know or think about there kids that way....... What is your take on this? I mentioned it to my sister and my Best friend and they thought is was very creepy and asked if anything went on with them years ago. I did mention that when my fiance was in his early 30's his olderst daughter that is 32 now but around 14-15 was playfully goofing around with her Dad and trying to sit on her Dads lap he proceeded to get a hard on and she would let up and he placed her hand on him and said "see what your doing " and then got up. Police were called by his ex wife but no reports or anything. My fiance never told me that, I found out through his daughters BF. which he then told me.  Wow I need some advice.....what are your thoughts

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I have been around a lot of different people and that comment is not unusual at all.  While it is not PC it is an observation of behavior.