Wait It Out Or Make A Move? (m)

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Wait It Out Or Make A Move? (m)
Sat, 04-19-2003 - 11:26pm
I met a guy about a month ago while out w/ my friends (not

sure if I posted on this board or not). We started talking

to each other based on an immediate phys. attraction the

night we met and as soon as we started talking, it was as

if we'd been friends for yrs. We had tons to talk about and

shared the same exact sense of humor. He introduced me to

all of his friends, and we got along well too. Also found out

we have a mutual friend (who wks at the place we were at).

He was very sweet the whole night, and I was pleasantly surprised

that the moment he walked over he wasn't immediatly trying to get

in my pants (I should say here, we're all in college-upperclass).

He would give me kisses on the cheek if he had to go drive a friend

home from a bar or use the restroom and then he'd come back and we'd

pick up where we left off in conv. By the end of the night we had

made out a few x but that was after many hrs of talking. (Not the norm

for typical college guys you meet out) He took my # and i never expected

him to use it. Much to my surprise he called me the next night (not late

night - about 7ish) and told me how much he had enjoyed my company and

he hope that I enjoyed hanging out w/ him as much as he did, and that he'd

like to see me again and hoped I did too. He then invited my friends and

I out w/ his friends and him that night. I had to decline b/c of other

plans. After that he called me on the weekend. I've been really busy so to

have the same times free to hang out just never wkd. However, we continued

to talk on the phone. He'd call me about 3x a week and we'd just chat for

a lil bit each time, and each time each conv. went wonderfully. Lots of laughs

and always wanting to still try to get together. *Finally* last Sunday, we

were able to get some time to hang out. He came over round 11 and stayed for

about 2 hrs just hanging out w/ my roommate and I. He was very friendly, just

as charming, hysterical, just all around great company to have.

Nothing phys. happened b/w us besides when he said he was gonna get goin,

he leaned over for me to kiss him on the cheek, which I did and then he

said bye to my roommate and I walked him out the door and he apologized for

not being able to stay longer (he was tired and it was written all over his

face), i thanked him for stopping by and he told me "i'll call you tomorrow"

and we kissed (not a make out kiss) & that was that.

I felt good after the visit.. just as I do after our convs. I had been very

on guard w/ him when we met just bc i assumed he'd be like any college guy

we meet out and that he'd just be lookin for that *one* thing. However, being

that he goes to a school that is 30-45mins away & he lives about that far

away from me too, it just seemed like way too much effort to be putting into

a *possible, not definite* hookup. Esp someone like him, who if he wanted to,

could have whomever he wanted for that who was closer b/c he's got a lot going

for him w/his personality, energy & looks. My guard is still up a bit w/ him

just b/c I don't know him well, but I don't worry about him just looking for a

booty call.

My ? is this... he said on Sun. "i'll call you tomorrow." Which I really didn't

expect to hear from him on Monday just b/c it is rare that we'll talk back to

back days unless it's a weekend. (Usually the weekend is when we talk most b/c

we both try to go out on the wkends n so we call e/o to try to meet up and hang

out--but we DO talk during the week sometimes) And there have been times where

he's said "i'll call you tom./later" and he doesnt .. but he'll call w/in 2 days.

I know I've said once or 2wice i'd call him tom./later and waited an extra day

or 2 myself (had other plans & didn't want to seem too eager). I don't know if

I should take it as a hint that I haven't heard from him yet? Like I said, the

time spent together *I* thought went well, i learned a lot about him & if he

didn't have a good time, I don't think he would've sat w/ me, chatted all night,

kissed me g'night & said he'd call me. I had even been nervous just cause it was

only our 2nd time hanging out (although it felt like the billionth just cause of

how often we talk on the phone) and i was completely scrubbed out as id just gotten

home from a practice (which i told him on the phone "uh i dont look so hot right

now" to which he replied "it doesnt matter how you look" in an 'thats not the most

imp thing to me' kinda way) but he still wanted to come hang out.

I was going to call HIM this weekend if I hadn't heard from him all week (which

as of now, I haven't) but I didn't know if I should just wait til I am back at

school next week (I am not at school now b/c of the holiday weekend). Should I

call him to just say hey this weekend? (S.t. i've done before so i wouldnt be

oppossed to doing it again) Should I wait til I'm back at school before I call

n maybe invite him some where? Or should I just sit tight and wait til he calls?

(If he calls... and if he DOESN'T, i'd be VERY perplexed by that as nothing has

chgd (as far as ive noticed) n things have still been good)

*Sorry this got so long... I know I rambled.. I didn't want to leave things

out though! Thanks for reading & thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Sun, 04-20-2003 - 3:09am
For Heaven's sake, call him already! I think you're WAY over-analyzing this relationship, especially since it's just started. Just call him already, and see how he responds. Don't think should I? shouldn't I? and drive yourself nuts, just pick up the phone.



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Sun, 04-20-2003 - 11:58am
haha thanks. i'll prob give him a call tomorrow

sometime after the holidays are over. i prob. am

overanalyzing... i'm a girl... it's what we do best ;o)