What is interesting to guy when he asks a woman...

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What is interesting to guy when he asks a woman...
Sat, 02-01-2014 - 2:51pm

What's new?   or What's up?   or What's going on?

What's something intriguing to say?   Or what should I think of in order to think of an answer?    (work is the go-to, but that's boring!)

Incidentally, where do guys like to be massaged (seriously, other than, you know...  ;)  )?    Where's a killer (your fave) place to rub & how?     seriously.  

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 What do you want to communicate? 

Basic interest in the person.  Asking about their hobbies,what a great experience they had.  men in a general sence are just human.  Massages if you know the person or are open to giving or accepting affection.  Ask their opinion of the place you are meeting.  Preload the conversation.

  What is your endgame? This is important so your  words and body language are in sync.  Many people make this mistake and are communicating two opposite things. 

  Some men are very gentle and a bit timid.  Hints generally do not work. 

  i had an expeience with a woman I was dating that gave of mixed signals.  Yet sex talked about sex and how she never refused.  What she did not know is 99% of my friends are women ad they all talk about sex!  (women are much more descriptive than men) To me it was just conversation!  It took her a while to communicate what she wanted.  Hints are usually ignored as we males can't trust them.  Too many people play games.  So you need to think before.  

   Massage of gentals right off will upset many men as they may not feel safe.  Yes, males can feel threatened they just met you they do not know if you bite.