What men should learn from Fifty Shades

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What men should learn from Fifty Shades
Fri, 08-31-2012 - 5:30pm


I'm new to the boards here. And I really need a female opinion.
Could you give me some feedback and insight on the Fifty Shades phenomenon.
I'm involved in a project that attempts to figure out what my clueless gender could and should learn from Fifty Shades of Grey.
First and foremost, I'm wondering 1). should men invest the time to read the book, and what could (should) they learn from the story and from the person of Christian Grey.
Could you take a stab at any or all of the following questions:

• How important is the chiseled billionaire part - or is more about who he is as a person?
• What is it about Christian that makes him so appealing?
* why would a stalkerish control freak like Grey intrigue a woman when she should just run away?
• Is it a bona fide hit or did it piggyback on Twilight and just replace the supernatural elements with vivid descriptions of nonstop sex and kink ( as some would say)?
• How realistic is the story?
• Any other miscellaneous thoughts?
Based on what I've seen so far - mostly Amazon reviews - most reviewers say that it is poorly edited with a minimal storyline - and copious amounts of sex are used to compensate what it lacks in other areas. But they also say that they couldn't put the book down, love the honest dialogue, and have all but fallen for Christian Grey.

Any thoughts you might like to share will be invaluable and greatly appreciated.
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Sat, 09-01-2012 - 6:33am
Hi Mark, I haven't read the book, but wanted to let you know that you aren't being ignored. I have read a couple of parodies though. I would hazard a guess that this is just the female equivalent of men's porn. Insubstantial story line supported by copius amounts of laughably unrealistic sex. I would suggest that men could learn as much as this as women can learn from men's porn: nothing. It' s all fake. As for your question as to why a woman would fall for a man who is a stalkerish control freak.... Well that is the kind of story line which makes me stop reading a book - because I cannot begin to relate to it. Reminds me of Bella in Twilight - I found her so pathetic and useless that I didn't last more than 10mins of the movie. Same with The Bronze Horseman trilogy by Paullina Simmons: despite it being highly recommended by other women, I gave up on the heroine in disgust half way through the first book. Never did finish the book. And for the record, I'm not a prude when it comes to book sex. I read plenty of Jackie Collins and Sidney Sheldon back in the day. But I much prefer a ballsy woman like Collins' Lucky Santangelo.