Why do guys end up being distant and dishonest?

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Why do guys end up being distant and dishonest?
Mon, 11-26-2012 - 6:50pm

Here is a summary of our brief dating history: 

we met in person through mutual friends and texted/chatted and saw each other at group events a few times for about a month

begin sept - went out for drinks and we hooked up (had sex)
he immediately was asking if we were in a relationship and went on to say he likes me 
I said it's too soon to discuss a relationship
(Later he said that he only asked because he thought that is what I thought)
A week later he takes me out on a date to a fairly nice restaurant 
Another time that weekend we went again (no sex that time) 
Later that week we went to dinner. He said he is cool hanging out. 
So to me I'm fine with casual but I felt his previous words/date was a little mixed signal but was like whatever
We saw each other again and had a nice time.

Then he grew distance and I didn't hear from for a week.
I contacted him and we did see each other and hooked up again.
Then we went to a movie and he wasn't very talkative and I asked him and he said he wanted to move to a platonic relationship.
He booty calls me late one night about a week later.
I inquired about this platonic statement and he said he didn't know how to end it and just chose to ignore but said he's good and would hang out again.

Anyhow, I contacted him again and we had a text convo and he said he felt that I would become attached so it's best to end it. He said he is not attached, afraid of committment and I wasn't the only girl he was talking to.  He had told me he wasn't having sex with anyone at the time he was with me when I asked him about it.  Of course, how can I believe that!  He said he was down to sex it up and liked hanging out with me but didn't want me to get too close. He said he likes me but doesn't see how to work anything out.

It really seemed he liked me was excited to see me before and then he got distance.  So now I feel all he wanted as sex in the first place and he should have just said that instead of taking me out on a date.  I don't get men.  So they like a girl but only to a certain extent?  


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Thu, 12-06-2012 - 4:21pm

  Hi  It is a person's responsibility to be true to themselves.  If you wanted a relationship then a FWB is not a recommended approach.  In that case being in a FWB it is you that did yourself the disservice.  Many people of all genders may prefer a FWB.  If you are not honest with your self then blaming the FWB is inaccurate.  It is that the FWB was not moving you toward your goal.  Many women want a FWB/booty Call so the get the sex and "skin" hunger issues resolved; while dating others aiming for a relationship.

 Holding out for sex might be as destructive.  There is not guarantee that it will work and after you have the relationship it will have been set on a dishonest premise.  It is more successful to be who you are.  Too many relationship are based upon dishonesty by all genders.  Check your values and beliefs about relationship and what you need and want from those relationships.  If the other person falls short, then there is is. 

     Perhaps it would be very good to invest in a program to increase your communication skills.  You mentioned that lack of communication as a cause in your "failed" relationships.   There are boards on relationship issues that you will find useful.


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Read your own information.  You answer all your own questions.  He is a CAD and only wants a FWB.  Sometimes that does lead to romance, but not often.  You said he wanted a booty call, hope he had to find another.  

You would be better off just writing him off as a friend, FWB or possible love.  It ain't in him to love anyone but himself.


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So you put out on the first date and when he asks if it is a relationship, you say its too soon to say? IMO, that moment killed whatever legitimate possible feelings/inquiry he had. Of course he is going to later defend his ego by saying that he was only asking to see if you thought the same thing that he thought. No one wants to say "I love you" only to get back a "its too soon to say" So he wrote it off, got distant, saw that youre not worth pursuing and just ended up taking advantage of the opportunity with you down the road, though at the beginning he was probably not after just sex. No guy who is after "just sex" starts saying "i like you" and talking about a relationship.