why do guys only text anyway

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why do guys only text anyway
Tue, 07-20-2010 - 1:00pm


Some of the guys I am dating, there's mainly two, only text me.

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Tue, 07-20-2010 - 1:46pm

Because talking on the phone sucks

I'm a girl & I hate it, I don't even want to call to order pizza

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Tue, 07-20-2010 - 5:18pm
I agree with the other two, I hate talking on the phone so I text people. It's more leisurely, I can multitask while doing it. But if you enjoy talking, why not tell them?
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Tue, 07-20-2010 - 8:45pm

Thanks ladies guess you are right.

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Wed, 07-21-2010 - 9:08pm

Hi there

In respect to the “pros” of texting , I can somewhat understand where people are coming from with regards to long term unions and platonic friends....sometimes it’s easier to say...”Hun don’t forget to pick up some milk” in a text...saves time, straight to the point...allows multitasking....but I somehow think text isn’t for deep and meaningful get to know you talk. For me....in a new relationship or potential relationship (the OP seems be asking about dating)....not picking up the phone alarms a lot of “cons”.

Just my opinion....

It’s not a good thing if he is avoiding or doesn’t want to talk to you....

Yes, one can get back to an sms when it’s convenient...but again....if you like someone why would you avoid wanting to make or take the call....

If one does for instance call at a time that does not suite, then traditionally, no one will get offended if you say for instance, “I’m so sorry, you’ve caught me at a bad time, can we speak a little later on...”

Screening sms’s and responding when it suits also tells me that one doesn’t prioritise time for you...

Yes Smsing


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Sat, 07-24-2010 - 2:38pm

I prefer to text, also. I was in an 8-month relationship with a guy who I never once spoke to on the phone. All our communication outside of when we were actually together in person was done via texting. My new boyfriend is a texter as well. We have talked on the phone, but we usually stick to texting because he lives in a more rural area that has spotty signal and it is often broken up and crackly-sounding.

I don't always like talking on the phone - sometimes I have a hard time understanding what people are saying (my ears are like, hyperactive, and I hear too much of everything else going on around me, or in the background on the other end of the line). I know texting is considered a more casual form of communication, and I can see where that can be true. But I do still prefer it to talking on the phone. I don't at all feel like we're being lazy; usually when we are texting, we actually go back and forth "in real time" (not with long pauses in between messages). If one of us has to "go" (like with a real conversation), we'll say so. "I have to go now...will text you later."

I have dated men, though, who hate texting, and I also have some acquaintances who hate it, too. And I dated one that liked to text AND talk on the phone. I'm easy-going. I'll do whatever. But I kind of like texting. :-)

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Sat, 07-24-2010 - 8:38pm

Texting and IM'ing works better for me because I do not have a good signal where I live.

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Sat, 07-24-2010 - 10:23pm

I'm one that doesn't like texting and I don't text, everyone who knows me knows not to text me.

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Mon, 07-26-2010 - 11:28am

Hi. I'm not a texter. I believe that if someone has something to say to me they should actually pick up the telephone and speak to me. It doesn't have to be a long and drawn out conversation. If you're not a texter you need to let him know that you'd rather he call you.

I especially hate the people that are driving and trying to text at the same time. It's amazing how many times I've seen this.

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Thu, 07-29-2010 - 2:01pm
I hate texting....its so impersonal. I miss the days when people would just pick up the phone. I would never stay with someone who just text.