Is 50s the new 40s?

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Is 50s the new 40s?
Thu, 01-10-2013 - 8:46pm

I am not sure I would want to do my 40s over again.  With most of my children grown and gone onto their own lives and having grandkids and more free time I am pretty happy where I am atm.

I love to travel and it is easier now that I am older.  I find that my age (though not quite senior) does allow me some nice discounts.

I think I am pretty happy here in my 50s.  Share some of your pro's and con's for this time of our lives.

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Thu, 01-17-2013 - 2:15pm

I  certainly hope so since 40s is the new 30s. ;-)


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Fri, 01-18-2013 - 2:24pm

I really enjoyed my 40s; life brought me a lot of surprises during that decade and I learned a lot about myself. I honestly think that has done quite a bit to help me really enjoy where I am now... and keeps me looking forward to what other pleasures and adventures wait ahead.