Any Valentine's plans?

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Any Valentine's plans?
Wed, 02-10-2010 - 3:53pm

Do you have any plans or traditions for Valentines? I met with a womens group on Monday night, and since I was still president that evening, I was responsible for the roll call question. I asked, "Share what you are doing for Valentines, or a Valentines memory." We range in age from 40ish to 75ish. This group started when the 40ish gals were in about the 1st grade, so we know each other pretty well. The sharing was such fun, and brought back some good memories of decorating boxes or brown sacks to gather the cards from our classmates. One gal said they had secret pals and they gave them token gifts each day of the week leading up to Valentines day. At which point, another gal who had just shared in humorous detail how she had decorated shoeboxes chimed in, "I like your school better!"
We had such fun that evening.

I had the audacity that evening to make a big statement. A couple of the gals LOVE to gossip. The 2 main gals who like to do that were comparing 2 versions of a rumor of a very huge, bad story that is effecting our little town. The thing they were comparing is if the ex moved to a nearby town, no she had heard that she still lives in our town. I piped up and said, "Thats why it's so bad to gossip." Silence...silence.. Then the rest of the evening was spent in such a wonderful uplifting enjoyable mode, it was unbelievable. There are only about 2 or 3 of the gals who are bad gossipers, but they are so dominant that they usually take over. I hope they maybe get the point of my opinion. I brought it up several times during my presidency, so at least they know. I feel good about how the rest of the evening went. A couple of gals even suggested that I continue as president. I declined for this year.

Anyway, what are your plans? We will be greeters in church first thing. Then for lunch we will forgo the potluck in church and go to DD and DSIL for lunch. In the evening we have a lesson in a series of lessons that was postponed from last Wednesday. I'm looking forward most to seeing the grandkids again. It's been a couple of weeks, and thats a long time for this gramma!

Now you share.

Teresa, who doesn't know how to write in less than paragraphs. Rarely at a loss for words, like you know, chatterbox. ;-)


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Wed, 02-10-2010 - 6:22pm

We feel it is so contrived that we don't even observe it. At one point DH stopped giving me the single rose because the scent has been bred out of them. I used to buy him candy, but not such a good idea these days. My one concession to the day is that I will shop the day after for DH's regular M&M peanut candies. He is careful to measure out 9 each evening for a snack.

But - as I've been cooped up for several Sundays and missed the occasional breakfast out, I did inform DH that I'm not cooking this week. I am going to sit with the DGrD's (7 & 9) that evening, so will make some spritz cookies in heart shapes.


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Wed, 02-10-2010 - 7:20pm
We don't usually make big plans.

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Thu, 02-11-2010 - 6:27am
Well, my DH got close enough to home last night to come on in although he will be leaving this morning. He got me a little square of very good fudge and our boy got him a little heart shaped box of candy with a truck on it and a card. I didn't get him a card but I washed all his laundry. LOL The day just doesn't mean much to us. Just another reason to spend a huge amount of money on a cardboard box with something in it our waistlines certainly don't need. I did however wrap a shoebox in heart paper and decorate it with glitter, helped Mason fill in all his little friends names on cards and got him ready for the party they are having at school Friday. Valentine done.