Good Afternoon....!!

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Good Afternoon....!!
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 2:42pm
Hello looks like we are finding our way around!! I had a lot of fun last night at midnight, I just had to stay up :) But it was a very long day for me yesterday...:( I just love this new board. Today is in the 80's I had to water and do all my housework early and I have to run out for Supplies...and Food!! I still have to finish my profile because I was just to tired and crossed-eyed last night...My DH was so amazed at me with the new board!! He asked me this am. if he had to find a new office soon...!

God Love Him, I said he could stay only if we had equal time on the pc....:)

Too bad they did not add more feathers, like spell check and emothions, and color...and a buddy list...Wouln't that be the GREATEST...Patricia