I think I'm ahead of the game!!

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I think I'm ahead of the game!!
Wed, 12-01-2010 - 12:28am

I just finished my Christmas cards tonight and the outside decorations went up last week when it was 70!


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Wed, 12-01-2010 - 2:02pm


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Tue, 12-07-2010 - 9:54am

Oh, Marie, I know just how you are feeling, hon! I live alone myself and have for many years since my DH passed away in 1992! My girls are grown and so is their families, so I don't do all that decorating myself any more! I do keep myself in the holiday spirit as best I can, but I know what you mean about not having the little kiddies around to see their bright eyes light up at sight of the Christmas tree and all the tinsel, shine, and sparkle. All my decorations are in boxes up in the attic, and out of reach when I go up there and look around. sigh....

What fun you must have with your classroom filled with seven year olds! That is quite a large class you have, and all the holiday excitement is no doubt expressed on every face around you! I don't blame you for using them as a means to get you into the holiday spirit, and hopefully, it will entice you to put up that tree at home for you and your DH!

You know, Marie, I hope you don't feel like you are creating a pity party of your own by expressing yourself in such a manner, for that is what we have these boards! Not everything in our lives goes along smoothly, and when we need to open up and express our feelings, we have friends here who are willing to listen and to comfort us and help us over any rough spots we're experiencing. This time of year seems to bring out mixed feelings and holding them inside causes depression or anxiety, depending upon how they affect us. Reminiscing more joyful years gone by and comparing them to the stressful,


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