Starting all over again.................

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Starting all over again.................
Wed, 02-10-2010 - 9:15pm

..................................with XP! I don't know of another way to start out this thread, so thought the above would get everyone's attention...wink!

I took my 5-year-old desktop puter down to the electronic store that built it and had them run a diagnostic scan....$69.99. Several days later, they phoned me and said my hard drive had failed, but the rest of the puter was A-ok! As sore as I am from doing my PT exercises, I was dancing a jig!

I picked it up last Sunday, and while it was in my shopping cart, I


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Thu, 02-11-2010 - 6:18am
Well Liz you are so lucky! I wish I had a cordless mouse and keyboard. I think I will get one for this thing. I also need to speed it up since it has almost no RAM. Some things won't even load up since it has no memory for it. Even though it is only 3 or 4 years old and has 20GB of hard drive space, it has only 228MB of RAM. And I need to get the dust bunnies out of it too. LOL




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Thu, 02-11-2010 - 9:49am

Congrats on your computer!!! I had to get another computer. Glad I didn't sink big bucks either. Then a friend of my daughter's looked at my old one and said it just needs a new power supply. So now I'll have a back up. Wish I was 20 yrs younger -- fixing computers is what