A worthwhile resolution

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A worthwhile resolution
Thu, 12-31-2009 - 11:02am

This is a letter to the editor in our paper and it moved me. I hope each of you can find something in it that hits home -

"These are my new year's resolutions, and I humbly suggest they may be useful for others.

I resolve to wake up to the knowledge that I don't need to pursue material wealth in order to be fulfilled. As long as I have enough to meet my needs, and my family and friends to share with, I have more than enough to be content. If I am satisfied with what I have anything additional I get, no matter how minor, will be seen for what it is, an added blessing, instead of just another rung up an endless ladder.

I resolve to forgive those who haven't realized the wisdom of these ideas, and who mock me for not pushing to get ahead as they are, for not striving to acquire more possessions.

I resolve to ignore the world of celebrities. I resolve to refuse to follow their every movement catalogued on TV and in magazines. Those we worship as gods in human form are no better than the rest of us.

In line with that, I resolve to acknowledge that those who are the servants in our society, the housekeepers and handymen, the gas station attendants and gardeners, etc., are the ones who, instead of being scorned for their lowly positions, should instead be honored for performing essential services that we could not do without.

I resolve to realize the truth that this world is essentially nothing but a diversion from the truly noble pursuit of giving instead of getting, of honoring others instead of ourselves, and growing spiritually in the process."


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Thu, 12-31-2009 - 9:35pm
Thanks for posting this, Jacquie!

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Sat, 01-02-2010 - 6:02pm

These are indeed a meaningful group of resolution in a nutshell, Jacquie! Even if three-quarters of the world's population followed these, we'd have a much better world to live in!

Thanks for sharing this with us. HUGGS....


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