Wow! What do you think of our newest board changes?

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Wow! What do you think of our newest board changes?
Fri, 02-25-2011 - 12:11pm

I finally bit the dust and downloaded IE8, for it was getting to be impossible to read the find print while still using IE7! Gee, what a difference!

Since I was aware new board changes were coming this week, I had to do something, as my eyesight strains too much, reading smaller type. I hope IE8 gets along with me better, for I switched from it to IE7 about a year ago. I'm finding I need to test my subjection to changes so here I go browser, new experiences!

Come share your views on our new board look and let us know what you think! This could be the ticket to bringing back many of our dear friends who have escaped to other avenues on the internet. At least I'm hoping it will entice them to come test our new waters....


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Fri, 02-25-2011 - 1:33pm
Thanks, Liz!

If anyone has a few minutes, would you mind taking our survey on the upgraded layout? It's pretty quick and easy, and your feedback will help us to improve the site even more. Here's the link:

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Mon, 02-28-2011 - 1:45am

Liz, I really like the changes I am seeing now. If the original rollout of the new board format had been this good I think we would not have seen the loss of so many of our friends. I share your hope that it is not too late and this will bring them back.

I hope you will find IE8 satisfactory. I have not upgraded. IE7 was just so impossible to use here lately that I have been using Google Chrome. It has worked much better for me. I may give IE another try now that the page loading times have improved.