5 Silly Things

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5 Silly Things
Tue, 06-02-2009 - 1:16pm

Tell us five silly things about yourself.

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Tue, 06-02-2009 - 6:13pm

1 ..If I go to sleep on the lounge watching tv, I'll stay there all night. (it's waaayyy too comfy) :)

2.. Supermarket shopping turns me into a fire-breathing monster, lol

3..I collect wildflowers and shells from the beach and use then to decorate

4..If it comes in pink, I'll take it ! LOL

5.. I try on several sets of clothes before going out and then revert to the first one I tried on. Yes, I drive myself silly too ! ;)



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Wed, 06-03-2009 - 5:08am

1. I am a monster in the morning. I don't even talk until I've drank 1 liter green tea... and I like it served in bed... together with my magazines... and all 6 kitties... ah, and I wake up around 5:30 am... so my boyfriend has to get up before that... he is also not allowed to talk... only to look lovingly at me and wait for a sign I am awake...

2. I love cats... in all shapes and sizes... all breeds... all colors... anything to do with cats... even white cat hair all over my black trousers at work...

3. I am a huge Stargate fan... have seen all 10 seasons of SG-1 and all 5 of Atlantis 4 times so far... gonna start all over again this week... and I can watch it all night without any sleep... I also love 24 and Dexter.

4. I can survive on chips and chocolate for years... and ice-cream too... if it's junk food, I'll eat it!!!

5. I've recently developed a passion for gardening... I wonder how many more plants my garden can take... got a small pond too... 2 mice come visit regularly too... one hedgehog and tons of birds... gonna have fishies in the pond too!!!

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Wed, 06-03-2009 - 8:33am

5 silly things about me.. (why stop at 5??)


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Wed, 06-03-2009 - 10:18pm

1. I'm a person who's probably still stuck in the 80s. I mean, I absolutely LOVE listening to the old 80s tunes; can't get enough of them. It has taken me a while to decrease the height of my hair and I have to thank my hair stylist for this, although, I still go a little crazy with the hairspray!

2. I always purchase shoes in either the colors brown or black. I never try the other colors. And I always tend to stick to the same or similar shoe style, which is usually heeled loafer shoes.

3. I'm a solid color kind of person. I can't seem to wear floral tops - I think it makes me look too "girlly".

4. While I may look like I'm organized at work, my bedroom is in a huge disarray! Seriously, there's paper all over the place. And you know what? I have a lot of clothes that really should be hung up or donated.

5. Just like the shoe thing in number 2, I have tons of nude pink nail polish. I tend to pick the same kind of colors when shopping for polish.


Ok, so after rereading this, I'm starting to think I am a little crazed! lol. :)

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Wed, 06-03-2009 - 10:57pm

5 silly things!


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Wed, 06-03-2009 - 11:43pm

ok, here it goes....

1. i'm a reality show junky (watching So You Think You Can Dance right now)

2. i LOVE to travel but haven't left DFW this year yet...aughhh!!! but after i go though all these threads i've missed i plan on buying my tkts home for the 4th of July weekend!!!

3. the vegetable i dislike most is brussel sprouts

4. i collect dragonflies

5. i watch General Hospital



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Thu, 06-04-2009 - 12:03am


Your #2 is one I forgot on my list!