Anniversary gifts

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Anniversary gifts
Tue, 10-07-2003 - 2:23pm
I was just wondering if everyone gets their SO or DH anything for their anniversary? Our 4 year wedding anniversary is coming up and normally we go to dinner and a movie. My husband isn't real big on the "gift thing". But, he has been working a lot of overtime..7 days a week...and I would like to get him something this year. Any suggestions on what kind of gift?? Thanks for any input!
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Wed, 10-08-2003 - 11:05am
At my house, we pretty much base the "gift" thing on our financial situation at the time.

DH and I just celebrated our 4th anniversary, but we also recently moved into a new house, so money's a little tighter right now. He wanted to buy me some jewelery, but I had to put my foot down--no gifts this year. Instead, he made me a really nice dinner, and we enjoyed a quiet evening at home.

If you're wanting to get your hubby something nice, look at his interests. If he's been working a lot of hours, perhaps a gift certificate for a relaxing activity (spa treatment, dinner at a really nice restaurant) or a weekend at a bed and breakfast. My DH really loves to fish, but doesn't get time for it often. A couple of years ago, I gave him a gift certificate for an afternoon on a chartered boat out on Lake Michigan to do some salmon fishing; he loved it!

I, too, am always looking for goof "gift" ideas for DH, so let me know what you decide!