Boss's psycho son hates me!

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Boss's psycho son hates me!
Wed, 10-08-2003 - 3:51pm
Okay, here's what happened. I work in a really small, very well to do company. The Owner/CEO/big shot is a wonderful man. He hired me to be his gorgeous girlfriend's assistant (she has the most powerful position in the company after the owners, which are Big Boss's father & brother). Let me preface by saying this is a very cool group of people I work for and I am and VERY grateful to have such a peachy job at my young age (23).

Here's the problem: The CEO has a wild son who just started working for his dad about 2 weeks ago and he has the hots for me. He knows I have a boyfriend, but we've hung out in groups outside of work maybe 3-4 times. Then he turned psycho. He's been text messaging me all weekend with really scary pscyho stuff like "I'm sick of you I hope I never see you again" and "are you f--king ignoring me?!" and all sorts of things. This is all because I don't want to talk to him or make plans. Then monday morning he came in and was stomping around my desk, throwing papers at me and being a total jerk. I told him to act professionally at work and he goes, "I can make your life miserable!"

Well, he actually does have the power to make my life very miserable, his dad owns the compnay. I love my job, I like my boyfriend and I don't understand what I did to make TJ so mad. Further, I'm getting the cold shoulder form his dad, who was all in favor and even suggesting TJ and I start dating. It's like I was on on thw "inside" when he liked me, but now that I had to make it clear I'm still with my boyfriend, my life is becoming hell at work. I'm getting the cold shoulder from those at the top, my direct boss left town and has left me without assignments for days and TJ is threatening me!

This kid has been in jail over 30 times and he seems like he may be mentally off. Now that he has moved back to Chicago to work for his dad, life has been bad. Can I get fired for not sleeping with my boss's kid? I hate feeling like my only reason for working here is to be my boss's accessory (she tosses me in the back of the closet like a purse he might have bought her. "Here, honey, here's an assistant for you!") My other reason for working here is so I can be TJ's girlfriend and have something to occupy my day. Since my workload is gone (conveniently when I rejected TJ) I feel very upset and useless.

Sorry this is so after-school-special. Please help.

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Mon, 11-17-2003 - 5:11pm
Good Grief!!

There are plenty of other jobs out there. Sart looking NOW it seems you will probably never get far in a company like this so why waste your time!? Another option if you coose to check it out would be to file a report with someone, not really sure who you would contact. I will find out and post again. (My mother works in Human Resources, so I will ask)

What kind of company IS this anyway? Seems sorta old school maybe they are not aware of all the anti-harrassment laws that have been passed in the past 2 decades. Where is this place 1973???

Leave this environment as soon as you can!! I promise there will be better things out there!

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Tue, 11-18-2003 - 1:44pm
I agree with other poster-leave this hostile environment! Being a small and tight family company, there is no way that you will get any sympathy from anyone (do they even have an HR department?), and you obviously will have not hope of promotion if you don't "fall in line". Leave the company, and it will no longer be your problem to worry about. TJ will move on to the next hapless assistant.

His dad has blinders on about his son. Wonder what it will take for him to open his eyes? I would NOT stick around to find out!