February Roll Call!

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February Roll Call!
Fri, 02-03-2012 - 8:56pm

Sign in and let us know you're here!

I'm Jen.

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Sat, 02-11-2012 - 3:48pm

Hi there!

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Thu, 02-09-2012 - 11:27pm

I'm Amy.

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Tue, 02-07-2012 - 4:41pm
I'm here too in California impatiently waiting for spring. It's just me, no husband or kids. In fact I should probably start giving dating a whirl again. The other day I was sitting around thinking about my teen years and how I'd break up with a boy and lay around for months swearing life was over. Now that I'm nearly 30 its more like a few weeks and I'm trying to get back out there. Gosh how times change.

Other than that I spend my time trying to establish solid friendships, volunteering, attending cultural events, exercising, meditating, reading, and pretending I'm a chef.
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