Finally I get a breather!

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Finally I get a breather!
Sat, 10-24-2009 - 4:53pm
I haven't been online in forever it seems like! Well, I have but it's been to check email and get information and that's been it. Still have occasional drama with The Other Parent (the woman cannot stand that we're a family now and she's stuck on her own and miserable) but we've moved into our new house and now we're in the midst of minor remodeling. Hope all is well with the rest of you.

  "Aut dosce, aut disce, aut discede"
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Mon, 10-26-2009 - 1:21pm

Hi Ms M,

It's so good to hear from you!!!

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Mon, 10-26-2009 - 1:42pm

I had a whole reply typed out and iV deleted it. Grr.

Anyway, I like your use of "the Other Parent."

The Other Parent in our lives is causing all of our drama as well. I think she thought she'd "own" C. on some level forever, even thought they have been divorced for 5 years and she's also remarried. My presence makes it much more difficult to control C. using the kids -- so now she has resorted to inventing "issues" with the kids to keep all the attention on herself. It all might be subconcious, but it's definitely happening.

So, I feel your pain. Makes newlywedhood that much more difficult, doesn't it? In a lot of ways, though, I think it will help bring us closer to our husbands, though.

Thanks for checking in. :)


AJ, enjoying life with C.

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Tue, 10-27-2009 - 8:31am
nice to hear/read your words again!!! congrats on the house.....