Finally! Justice for the @#*! Landlord

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Finally! Justice for the @#*! Landlord
Wed, 10-08-2003 - 1:10pm
Hello Everyone! Hope all is well! I've got an update on my ongoing battle with my ex-landlord (see original posts "Landlord is a Nutcase" and " @#!* Landlord" from Aug./Sept.)

I learned Landlord (LL) was out of town so I went back to take photos of exterior stairs she claims I damaged and kept $100 from my security deposit for replacement of 3 (of 13) steps. As I expected, stairs are the same as they were when I moved in (cobwebs & all). There's no visible damage or signs of replacement of any steps. The stairs all have the same matching worn out paint on each and every step. (LL told another tenant my DH ruined the stairs because he was chopping ice off them with a snowshovel. The only day we had snow was the day I moved DH was not there...LL actually chipped the ice off the stairs and screwed the gate shut at top of deck so I couldn't use that entrance for moving.)

Photos of the steps are the last part of evidence I needed to prove my case in small claims. I still need to search city court records to see if she has a history of small claims cases filed against her. I'll be filing as soon as I return from honeymoon.

I also learned there was a scene there a couple of nights ago when state police, county sheriff and police from two separate cities were called to investigate landlord harassing other tenants and peeking into a 2nd story apt. from a ladder. The officer I'm working with advised me that he finally had enough evidence to charge her with harassment and would definately be arresting her soon. It's too bad I won't get the satisfaction of witnessing the arrest.

Other tenants informed me that landlord blames me for being a troublmaker and reporting her to police. Oh well, if standing up for my rights makes me a troublemaker, than a troublemaker I am. Apparently, I wasn't the only "troublemaker" in the building. :)

It's so satisfying when "what goes around comes around."

Thank you all for your responses and supportive posts. I'll let you know how small claims case goes.


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Thu, 10-09-2003 - 2:41am

Wow, I cant believe their are people like the 'Landlord' you had to endure.


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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 2:03pm
Alright! About time, isn't it?

I am glad that you did everything you did, never quit, and it must make you feel good that you will be saving a lot of other people some troubles in the future, even if anonymously! You were a troublemaker, for *her*, because now she will have to watch her step and try being fair if she wants to keep her rental business, and I'm sure it's a big hassle for her.