Friendship conflict

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Friendship conflict
Fri, 08-06-2010 - 8:24am
Hi everyone,
So I've lost a lot of friend due to varied reason.
Like most relationships, there were moments in which conflict arose and perhaps, they were handled correctly or incorrectly.
Since I am very introverted, my preference involves handling confllicts on a one-on-one basis. Especially since handling conflicts in group setting, imo, can be taken out of context.
So how do you handle conflict?
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Fri, 08-06-2010 - 2:57pm

Welcome to the board!

I'd rather talk about a problem either in person (first choice) or on the phone (second choice) than sit and dwell on a problem. I definitely wouldn't do it via e-mail or in writing because tone cannot be conveyed. It might mean an awkward conversation, but it's better than burying a problem and letting resentment build. Did you experience a problem in a group setting?

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Tue, 08-10-2010 - 10:12pm

Yes yes...Welcome to the board!

It's my preference to talk out issues in person...I just think a lot gets lost in electronic communications like phone, texts and e-mails.