Getting used to the new haircolor~

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Getting used to the new haircolor~
Tue, 10-14-2003 - 2:32am

Well the harsh black is softened a bit, but still pretty dark brown/ black.


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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 8:10am

Awww, Caroline! I sure hope the hair color is more to your liking, now!

I've got my own lil story to tell, but it's not a scary one, just drastic...heehee!

Two months ago, I got my hair chopped off, it was past my butt, for real, and I got it cut to barely shoulder length! LOL! My DH was SHOCKED! but he was there with me, and knew it was coming, but actually SEEING 3 feet or so of hair gone *snap* like that! Whoo! And then, to exacerbate my DHs shock, we had him color my hair...LOL! yes, the man colors hair, as well! heeheehoo hoo!! But, it turned out fabulous! I had black hair, I know have a darkish to med brown with gold-red high lights. Ok, it doesn't sound as good as it looks, but I promise, I've received tons of compliments!

I was known as the girl with long black hair for the last 15 years of my life, and I decided to make a change, and boy did I ever! I love it, don't regret my long hair at all! Whoo hoo!

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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 11:37am

Glad to hear you're "feeling better" about your hair color:)

I've never done anything too awful drastic. The most drastic cut I ever got was my junior year in high school; I had hair down to the middle of my back, and got it whacked off (think Wynona Ryder short)! Now I go back and forth; I let it grow out, then cut it off again (never that short again, though!).

I have very little success when coloring my hair at home. I had platinum blonde hair for years, and it's gotten steadily darker since becoming an adult. I'm now that lovely dishwater blonde shade! I get up the nerve and decide I want to go platinum again, buy the color, and you can hardly tell I've done anything to it when I'm done! DH refuses to let me go to a salon and get it professionally colored:( I don't have a problem, though, if I want to go darker. When I was in my early 20's, I bought what was supposed to be something close to auburn. When I was done, my hair was like a black cherry color! It actually looked pretty cool, but was a big change from the blonde!