Getting Your Driver's Lic.

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Getting Your Driver's Lic.
Wed, 07-08-2009 - 1:30pm

Do you remember when you got your driver's lic.?

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Wed, 07-08-2009 - 1:48pm

I started learning to drive when I was about 9 and could barely reach the pedals. That's probably shocking to some on here but it's pretty common in this "neck of the woods." Most farm kids start working on the farm much earlier than that. I learned to drive by driving my dad's pickup with the irrigation pipe trailer on the back while he and my oldest brother picked up irrigation pipe or laid it out.

I got my restricted permit at 14. We had to take driver's ed and we took it during the summer between 8th grade and freshman year. Most of us passed with flying colors because we had been driving long before then. A great benefit to it was lower insurance rates, which my parents greatly appreciated. However, it did not mean that I was allowed to drive to school. My parents wouldn't let me do that until I was a sophomore and I didn't have my own vehicle until halfway through junior year. It's really almost mandatory that kids who live on farms or work on farms have driver's permits or licenses. So many farms and ranches are dependent on teenagers to work for them during the summer.

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Wed, 07-08-2009 - 2:05pm
9 is awfully young, but it makes sense.
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Wed, 07-08-2009 - 9:27pm

I wanted to get my license when I was 16. I even took driver's ed. Then mom wouldn't take me to take the test. I was livid, but I got over it.

Eventually, I gave up since I live in the city and could take public transportation. But since I won't take it at night (still won't), I had to arrange a ride either from friends or mom halfway home.

I finally got my license when I was 20...and my first car when I was 25. And I promply gained weight - all that walking and chasing after buses kept the pounds off!

Mr. Pooh works for the transportation co. in my city and I still take a bus on occasion if we're going somewhere and I'm meeting him after work.

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Thu, 07-09-2009 - 2:33pm

For some reason, I didn't have a need to drive at 16,

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Thu, 07-09-2009 - 2:44pm
My Mom was the one that yelled at me in the car, so Dad taught me how to drive :0)!!