how not to fall for someone

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how not to fall for someone
Mon, 05-10-2010 - 4:07pm
am going to work for a professor at my professor school. and I have issues. He's about my age. quite charming, hot, and looks like a nice guy.

How can I avoid falling for him?

To be honest, I initially disliked him for no legitimate reason. I've never been his student. But I first time I saw him my instinct told me that he's very into himself, very narcissistic ... maybe I was jealous (yes, even as a woman I am jealous of him). Now I still have the same opinion. but because he's nice to me (kept saying how impressive I was after he got my resume - I know this was only a shallow compliment given that he's so accomplished himself) I don't dislike him anymore...

I thought of ditching him because I was notified of another summer offer before I met him in person. But somehow my conscience told me not to (it would be fairly inconsiderate of me, right?) and he thought I would ditch him and looked very pleased that I'd decided not to, despite that I had another offer.

and I still recall how he eyed me up and down when he saw me. I don't know if I will be able to bear that again.
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Mon, 05-10-2010 - 4:56pm

check t he rules in the employee handbook.

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Wed, 05-12-2010 - 7:24am

How can you avoid falling for him? The easiest way is to hear a few horror stories of people who have dated co-workers. I dated a colleague a while ago, we even lived together for 3 years. Trust me, I don't even make friends at work now. This is something you really really really don't need! It is great, if you like your co-workers and boss, but dating them can complicate your life enormously! If/when you break up, one of you will have to look for another job. And in your case it won't be the professor...

I would just try to enjoy the nice and fun working atmosphere in your place.