I don't think I'm guilty of anything

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I don't think I'm guilty of anything
Sat, 09-27-2003 - 1:06pm
I have just moved into this new development (condominium) where my front door is right next to someone else's window (on the bottom floor). It's impossible not to look that way and therefore see the inside of someone's home since it's on the way to your front door. The other day I ADMIT I actually stopped walking towards my front door and took a good look and that person's house standing close to their window, just out of curiosity so sue me! I was not able to actually see anything since the blinds were in the way. Today my neighbor storms out of her house and accuses me of peaking through the blinds and not minding my own business. Excuse me but in my own defense it's not as I went out of my way to do that, the damn window is next to my front door. Is this a big deal at all or is she being conferential? My friend thinks that she is trying to establish the upper hand being the only black woman in the whole development.
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Sun, 09-28-2003 - 10:05pm


As I don't know the whole story, I can't say too much. However, I can see where you might need to have a frank conversation with your neighbor. I don't believe you should bring race into it, that's always a pitfall for more trouble, in my opinion.

You'll need to explain to her, that you have no intentions of staring through her blinds, and that due to the placement of your front door in conjunction with her window, that you can see where she might come to that misunderstood conclusion.

Beyond that, if she doesn't say anything else, you shouldn't need to either. My advice to you, is to just look towards your front door, open it, and go inside...end of story...LOL!

Good luck with your neighbor, and your new neighborhood!