Mischievious Monsters!

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Mischievious Monsters!
Fri, 02-20-2004 - 1:00pm
Hello everybodeeeeee!!!

Just a friendly note to say that I've JUST started a new group/msg board at MSN called Mischievious Monsters! It's geared towards parents w/kids ages 5-10, but if you have one a bit older or a bit younger, that's fine. It's just geared towards that age group. I've found that there's a TON of stuff out there for infants/toddlers, but not a lot as they get older. Like I said, I JUST started this group, (like late last night!), so I'd like to get 50+ members as soon as I can in order to keep the conversation flowing. Please stop by and join us! I'd love for you to stay a while!

Let me know who you are and where you heard about it!



Lady O'Fyre