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Thu, 11-20-2003 - 4:03pm
Hi there

I am 37, a late bloomer :), working on my PhD dissertation. I like to hang out in the other boards, but I just discovered this, and I like it very much. I wonder if there is anone else here who is above 35 and never been married. I am currently living with my SO (42, he is an academic too, never married), and we will 'negotiate' marriage in the next year or so.

What were your resons for not getting married? Are you happy with it, or are you freaking out?

I am happy with it. i was engaged with someone, then I got the opportunity to come to the US for my PhD, and we broke up. I am very happy because eventually i met someone and I have the most fulfilling and meaningful relationship I ever had (after more than 1 1/2 year, we both agree on that). I read that women and men who marry after 35 have a much lower divorce rate. I think it makes sense: I guess we know ourselves better, and know what we can and cannot be happy with...

Anyhow, just waiting to hear from you!