Now Casting Women Who Are Struggling to Make A Major Decision

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Now Casting Women Who Are Struggling to Make A Major Decision
Wed, 02-22-2012 - 5:31am


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First off, Tasha, I'm going to find that cat and take it home with me. Sorry, that's just the way it is, lol.

Major decisions I MUST make immediately if not sooner:

1. Do I leave this dead-end job I've had for the past year despite the fact that the job market is an unholy mess right now?

2. Do I end this 4 month dead-end relationship despite the fact that this guy makes my toes curl and my heart go pitter patter?

3. Do I finally get down to brass tacks and complete the writing project I've been not working on for the past year?

4. Do I hitchhike to India, join an Ashram and find a wise old guru who will make these decisions for me?

Good luck to every lovely lady out there who's similiarly confused Tongue Out

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Hi there Mav33,

1. Do you have anything else lined up? Have you put resumes out?

2. Why do you feel it is a dead end relationship?

3. What is holding you back?

4. How much time do you have to devote to the traveling? You might have to fly.

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I did not see anything written about what exactly this thread is? CM Tasha, are you taking questions from posters on a certain topic? Is this kind of like, "Dear Abby" in the newspaper? Just wanted to know before I post a question :) Thanks!