Thank you iVillage & tell me about yourself

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Thank you iVillage & tell me about yourself
Wed, 01-22-2014 - 1:33pm

Thank you for being there for me all these years.  I posted on here many times, from age 20 to age 28+ Sometimes the comments are rude and blunt but every comment  has it's validty.  Sometimes I get good useful responses, and sometimes I don't.  But sometimes these responses SAVE MY LIFE (make it peaceful). 

I don't mind the rude and blunt comments.  It is reality and a reflection of the nature of the subject I am presenting. 

1) AGE:  I am 28 years old

2) RELATIONSHIP STATUS:  in a 4 year committed relationship with a man who takes good care of me

3) SUFFERS: low-self esteem and use to be selfish...  suffer bi polar since age 14...but having faith on how to manage it and be the best person I can be

4) PROFESSION:  teacher, tutor....great with kids and love to teach, sucker for creating positive results in my students

5) LOVES: bunnies, dogs, romantic movies, reading psychology self help books, children, teaching, psychology

6) HOPES: to love myself and feel peaceful and blessed

7) GOALS: be a author and life coach

8) WHAT I WANT FROM CHATTING ON iVILLAGE:  learn to make good friends, mantain my good relationship, learn to love myself

9) WHAT I WANT TO OFFER ON iVILLAGE:  support, comfort, reassuance and wisdom  AND friendship (pen pals)