What is he saying?

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What is he saying?
Fri, 12-12-2003 - 11:06am
I've been talking to someone over email and on the phone for awhile now. We finally meet for lunch a week ago and I thought we clicked. I haven't really heard from him since. He let me know that he's working weird hours and as soon as things slowed down we would pick up where we left off. What is he really saying?
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Fri, 12-12-2003 - 5:35pm
First I have to admit that I gave up on dating, just because the energy figuring out people and looking for and honest person just became overwhelming.

From my past experience, I have had a similar get together. Well I am a student of body language and I think that even thought the guy seemed interested and fun during the meetings, he was also distracted by the crowd, and seemed physically distant. Almost like he could've just been someone sitting there. In any cast the meeting became less and less romantic and even less friendly since his attitutde didn't chante. We didn't talk about meeting again.

One more tip. Mentioning work or schedule problems is a round about way of avoiding people.

I encourage you to find someone who has the time for dating.
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Mon, 12-15-2003 - 10:39am
He could be trying to put some distance between you with his comment about his work schedule.

But, it could also possibly be the case for him right now. I don't know what he does for a living, but I know a lot of jobs deal with last-minute projects, busy seasons, etc, that require a huge amount of their time.

I wouldn't condemn him just yet, but in the same token, I wouldn't necessarily wait around for him. I would just stay casual about it, and if another opportunity comes up in the meantime, go for it.


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Tue, 12-16-2003 - 11:12am
I need to publish a universal law of dating. It seems that aside from the complications that the media and Hollywood add to dating, courtship and marriage, dating in modern America does not follow a set of rules, making it difficult and sometimes sad to enter the world of dating.

The bright side to dating and commitment is that most people are not right of each of us and we should be thankful that we don't click with just anyone.

Okay back to the topic, what is he saying? Well, that's often how a weak man says that he's not interested without outright saying it. Speculation will kill you though, I would highly suggest more friendly contact initiated by you to see whether or not you're seeing things the way that they truly are.

Men do not like to be cornered, because they do not have time to prepare the comment that they think that YOU want to hear. Rather they blurt out the first thing that comes to mind, which is often the truth and their feelings. The last thing a good guy ever wants to do is hurt a great girl's feelings.

my $0.02



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Tue, 12-16-2003 - 3:09pm
If he would like to see you......he will. If he doesn't, he will not. Don't sweat over it, live your life for you.
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Thu, 12-18-2003 - 11:12am

No offense to any guys reading, but men are simple and they almost always say what they mean. Women are the ones you have to interpret.

If he said things are hectic or "wierd" right now and he will contact you when things slow down, I would just take it as that. It sounds like he's interested, but on the off chance he's not, I wouldn't be holding my breath for him. Find people to hang out with in the meantime.


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