Binge Drinking?

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Binge Drinking?
Wed, 01-08-2014 - 9:10am has an article on how doctors don't discuss the danger of binge drinking with their patients: 

At least 38 million Americans binge drink — regularly downing at least four alcoholic beverages in a single bout — but many doctors are failing to discuss with their patients how dangerous this behavior can be, a new government report shows.  

Only one in six adults, and one in four binge drinkers, say that a health care professional has ever discussed alcohol use with them, according to the report released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.

“Alcohol causes more health and social problems than most people recognize, from problems with your liver to infections to risk of injury to a whole bunch of social problems, like problems at work,” CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden told NBC News. “A small conversation can make a big difference and help people reduce their alcohol use, but those conversations aren't happening.”

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I have friends who are social drinkers, but when thinking about what qualifies as binge drinking in this article they don't seem to fit.   Still, this isn't anything that has been brought up by my doctor, although I'm not a heavy drinker and answer that way on the paperwork they have you fill out. Has your doctor discussed it with you?

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Tue, 01-28-2014 - 1:36am

I think consuming 2-3 pegs regularly constitutes for moderate drinking. One must also take their drinks slowly and not take those shots in quick succession. I for one drink once in  a week and it feels great. I look forward to my saturdays with lots of anticipation.