Daily drinking

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Daily drinking
Thu, 08-23-2012 - 3:46am

Has anyone else fallen into that middle-class cycle of enjoying a bottle of wine with their partner each night?    I'm trying to cut back and achieve those two or three alcohol free days as recommended, but I'm doing it tough.   Come 5pm, I'm really wanting a glass.

I don't drink so much that it becomes a problem in my life - but I drink more than is recommended for health in the Western world.   And then I look at some European cultures where a bottle of red on the table with meals is standard fare and nobody seems the worse for wear.


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Thu, 09-13-2012 - 11:32pm
Strangely I have found myself drinking more alcohol since being in a relationship. Having a drink a day is not harmful, actually recommended, and really a bottle of wine is what, maybe two glasses a piece?
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Thu, 09-13-2012 - 12:08pm

Is drinking a habit or part of your routine?  That's the question really.  If you only want to drink because it is part of your routine then breaking the routine is fairly easy in comparison to be an alcoholic who NEEDS to have that drink.  If it is just a habit or part of your routine than create a new habit or routine.  I'm Italian and yes wine at the dinner table is quite common, I drink a lot of apple juice.   My husband drinks beer with every evening meal, he is Cajun, that's a part of his culture.  He enjoys it.  I'm ot an alcoholic and I do like the taste of white wines but for the most part I simply do not the taste of alcohol and I don't drink it because it is nasty to me.  My father was an alcoholic and my brother has never and will never touch alcohol because of it.  He's afraid he might have that thing that made my father an alcoholic in him.  He could be right but we will never know because he won't drink.  The only time I have ever seen my even provide beers to people at his parties is at new years. 

My husband actually brews his own beer.  It's his hobby and I'm okay with it.  My son helps his father with the brewing and has since he was young.  My son is 19 now and he doesn't drink either.  It's just a choice he has made.  He doesn't like the taste of beer.  He has tried a few wine coolers and said he could live without them. 

I live in New Orleans and drinking is everywhere and a part of the culture here.  People here use Chianti bottles as decoration here. 

If it bothers you then it is a problem.  If you want to make a change start with baby steps and increase the change each day.  Drink apple juice instead.  That's what Italians give the kids and I still drink it.  It's good for your health.  It's a small step but it is a step. 

I hope this helps.

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Thu, 08-30-2012 - 10:50am


Ah..don't I know all about it..

I know both my man and I drink too much. I drink every day, and more than a glass. I just.. can't be without it. I don't quite see the point of a weekend or a holiday spent sober. As they say in Germany, 'I don't have a problem with alcohol. It's WITHOUT that's my problem''. :smileyhappy:

Here in London, UK I basically know only two types of non-drinkers: those who don't drink due to religious beliefs, and ex- alcoholics. Needless to say all our friends drink, some more than others. Pub culture is huge here, and so is weekend/holiday drinking. Germany and Italy are the same. Don't even start me off on Scandiavian countries, they'll drink us British under the table any day. :smileyhappy:

My bf and I went to Scotland some years back. We came to this pub around noon..and found that we were the only two people there STILL sober. Scotland and drink..omg. :smileyhappy:

We're ok. We work, we live, we dont' fall over drunk and sleep under bridges.. we keep it all under control. I know full well that I should cut down. But you know what? I don't want to. :smileyhappy: We have no kids,  no mortgage... as little by way of responsibilities as a couple in their 40s can have - that's how we wanted our life to be and that's how it is. So we only have ourselves to answer to and for. So..we do what we want. Excuses, escapism..yes. It's our life though..

Cheers! Prost! Salute! :smileyhappy:

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Wed, 08-29-2012 - 2:19pm

I'm no Dr. but I've always been of the understanding that a glass of wine a night wasn't a problem.  I do know the closer to bed time you drink it could affect sleep....other than that....I wouldn't sweat it.  My wife does the same.  Causes no problems, she's a great wife, mother and manager at her job.