Holiday Fun...NOT!!!

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Holiday Fun...NOT!!!
Sun, 12-09-2012 - 5:59pm

Well, after a long day of ratting through the Mall looking for those stupid stocking stuffers I came home and remembered that I had forgotten to water the tree last night.  So instead of waiting until tonight to do the deed I did it right away and now my fingers have sap all over them again (and I don't know how), and I have Christmas Tree in my underware.  Can we say, "OUCH!" 

I already have my son's stocking stuffers and I bought some for DH today.  I only have two for my mom but would like to find at least one more to actually fill the stocking but what?   I walked through the biggest mall in the city and nothing.  She wants a winter hat with a fur trim, they were popular last year, this year they have been replaced by fur hats with ears.  Ears?   Really?  What is that about? 

As a consolation prize, I bought myself something, got home and realized I need batteries for it.  It's raining hard now so I will just have to wait.  Anyway I put steaks in the oven,  I will microwave a couple of steamer bags for side dishes. 

I'm so tired from the massive amount of walking I did today. 

My day started off bad.  Mom was on the war path because she decided to run a lawnmower over the grass and no one in the house ran out there to help her.  It takes ten minutes to run a mower over the grass here and that was what she went out to do.  What she actually did was get the blower out and blow the leaves from the patio and sidewalk and driveway onto the grass and then cut it and then after she cut it, she had to blow the clippings back into the yard.  I was sleeping through this.  This pissed her off.  DH is excluded from any type of hard work because he is sick.  DS was awake but thought she was only going to run the lawnmower over the yard to pick up leaves, so he didn't bother going outside.  That's why I took my DH and DS and told my mother we were going to SIL's to help with MIL's house so we can get it sold.  Instead we went to the Mall and ate out at Bravo.  I love that place.  I suggest staying away from the red sauces but all the others are awesome. 

I'm sure I will feel better after a bath a long night's sleep. 

So, how is everybody else doing?

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Tue, 12-11-2012 - 3:19pm

Argh, the run-in with your mom.  Glad you had a way to get away, anyway.  The stress of living's not easy, is it.  

We're keeping busy with music, music, and more music.  Tis the season.  As the picture on Facebook said, "Yay, it's December!  Oh wait, I'm a musician!"

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Tue, 12-11-2012 - 5:17pm

Well, winter has arrived here in Southern Louisiana.  It's 54F out and I saw old people in their sub-zero wear.  I did not see anyone in shorts but I did see some women playing tennis in short skirts. 

Nope, living with mom is not easy.  When the weather is nicer, probably in a week or so, I plan on getting out more often.  I think once a day I could use a trip to the park. 

I picked my own birthday present that dh had ordered for me today.  He won't let me have it until the 18th.  It's a portable drawing desk.  I've wanted it for a long time and I saw it was going on clearance and told dh to order it for me.  Turns out that all kinds of discounts applied to it after it was ordered.  I paid less than $20 for it when I went in to pick it up.  You don't pay until it arrives at that store. 

Took DS to find a desk for his room.  This is the third time we have walked around every single store that could possibly sell a desk and we actually found a desk.  We brought it home but the chair is special order and will arrive at my front door in about two weeks or less. 

So you are in big demand these days?  It's good to be busy though and tiring. 

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