IS it my imagination or do 50yo men look REALLY OLD??

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IS it my imagination or do 50yo men look REALLY OLD??
Sat, 02-01-2014 - 2:46pm

Prob just my experience, but Im finding some pretty "hot" guys in their 40s.   (Im 47 & new to the online scene, as Im newly divorced)!

I swear tho - guys 53, 55 or so - they are so aged!!!  

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I think it depends on the guy, but I agree, there are some hot ones in their 40s!

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I have to laugh--I went to my high school reunion.  I graduated in 1975 and the reunion was in 2010 so we were about 53 yrs old--I'd say most of the women looked pretty good.  Some of the men still looked good but some definitely looked old.  I was pretty surprised because one of the guys who had been a very handsome football star in school had shaved his head--he still looked fit but it really changed his appearance a lot.  One of my friends turned to me and said "wow, I remember having a crush on him in schoo."  But then again, one of my girlfriends just decided to stop coloring her hair so now it is totally white--it makes her look at least 10 yrs older.

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Funny, but the greatest lover in my life so far (I'm in my early forties), absolutely the greatest in bed, was a man almost 70 years old. Did he look 70 years old? I guess, but then he sent me to paradise three times a day and I forgot that I once thought that he "looked" older than me. He had no secret formula to his love-making: he simply did not come and that was enough for him to be able to give it to me 2-4 times every day and for as long 20 to 25 minutes if we wished. And I wasn't ashamed to be seen with him in public either. I hardly thought of "the public" at all but only ahead to the next time I'd be naked for him.
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Most 50+ y olds do look old. SOME however, look like the  chaps in the attached picture, the long-haired ones in denim/black shirts/t-shirts  (don't know who the one in the white top is).  All of them are 50-51. 3 of them are simply stunning - look far left, far right and middle; one is good and much younger looking than his years....  Wouldn't life be AMAZING if 50 plus y old men looking like this ran around our streets looking for us?? Eh.. we can dream.

This, you will understand, is a maaaaaaaaajor exception to the rule.

(P.S - in case you didn't know, this is a Swedish rock band by name of Europe, 25+ years after 'The Final Countdown' - reformed in 2004 and doing better than ever)