SO 10 years younger

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SO 10 years younger
Mon, 08-06-2012 - 2:28pm

Hi all, looking for others that may be dating a younger man and the insecurities that sometimes come with. BF and I have been together 2 years and I'm happy. But I have my days that I wonder what does the future hold as I get older, when he's just turning 40 and I'm turning 50.

My kids are grown, starting new families of their own or in college. He's never been married, no kids.

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Mon, 08-06-2012 - 6:08pm

I'm not in your situation, as my dh is the older one in our relationship.  In addition to the resources on this board, you might also ask your question on the May-December Relationships board.

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Fri, 08-10-2012 - 7:18am


IMHO, if your r-ship is still strong and happy after 2 years, you have a good chance of making it long term. Again imho and experience, May-December relationships typically do not survive for very long. But there is a huge difference between say, 20 and 30, and your ages, 40 and 50. Even with him never have been married and not having had kids. You're both BTDT grown-ups in the ehm, sorry - but it's true -  second  part of your lives, so to speak. You're grounded and (hopefully) on the same planet as far as the rest of your life is concerned. It is not the case of him being a young boy still discovering life and its pleasures. Well done :smileyhappy:, rock on, and wish you all the luck..

(I'm Julia from London, UK, 41 (for another 2 months :smileyhappy:, with my partner for 8.5 years and he's 45)