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Fri, 03-15-2013 - 8:00pm

I need a new remote for my tv so I can use the DVD player and program it in case power goes out so that I can use the cable box.  I went the site for the tv and they want the model and serial numbers.  Well guess what?  I found the model number but nothing on the back of that tv says serial number, NOTHING!  So I copied down all the numbers on the back and emailed their customer service.  If we lose power, and we do all the time, I will not be able to watch tv in my room.  Bummer, that means I have to watch my tv shows in the den with my mother and I don't like spending my evenings with her.  I sit in there during the day to watch tv as we usually watch the same stuff but at night we watch different stuff. 

So now I am annoyed with Sanyo because they should clearly mark that on the device if they require that information from the consumer.  

But other than that, I have had a great day.  I planted my garden.  That has my mother asking why, but I do eat what I grow if it grows.  I have Tomatoes, both the cherry and the regular sized (I forgot the variety, I planted them last year.), I have red and green bell peppers, parsley, thyme, strawberries, lettuce, eggplant, and hot jalapeno peppers (the green variety).  Yes, I'm growing my salad.  I would like to get some more items for the garden.  I like these little peppers whose name I can never ever remember, I would like some chilie peppers,  and I would like another variety of lettuce.  I would also like to get some basil and chives.  I wish carrots would grow here but the ground it way too wet. 

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