The colors of our Lives

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The colors of our Lives
Wed, 09-28-2011 - 9:23am

Greetings ALL!

Maybe its because Autumn is upon us and the leaves are changes and the whole color palette of Nature is once again starting to turn, but I have found myself thinking about how colors effect my mood and just how color is important in my life in general.

Green has been my favorite color as long as I can remember and it makes me feel good to see it, to wear it, to be around it. Yellow has always made me feel that way too, and over the years I have add Brown as a true favorite and a color I am comfortable with.

How about you? Are certain colors important to you? Make you feel a certain way?


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Wed, 09-28-2011 - 2:09pm

Yes, colors to me are kind of important. I use colors sometimes. If I need vibrancy or cheery positive energy, I may wear Orange. If I need calming/healing type energy, Blue. Need to provide leadership or stand up more, shore up my confidence, or remind me to use my Power, Red. Maybe Yellow> to draw guidance and clarity to me. I use Green for Prosperity intent. Brown symbolizes the Earth, Balance & Strength. Or sometimes, just the color (varied undies, bra colors, t-shirt colors, etc.) just draws me when I am choosing something to wear, the energy I need recognizes itself in the colors, if that makes sense? :P I think color, like aromatherapy (incense, etc.), has Magickal focus, if we provide our Intent and Will to match it. Otherwise it's "just" color or scent, etc. ;)




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Wed, 09-28-2011 - 4:02pm

My favorite color as always been purple and I like all shades of it, from pale lavender to deep violet. I also like all shades of blue. I also wear a lot of black and red (gotta let the Goth girl come out sometimes!).

As for candles, I try to burn the ones appropriate to the spell, ritual, holiday, etc., but that isn't necessary.