Daily Ritual

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Daily Ritual
Fri, 07-03-2009 - 10:02pm

Blessed Be


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Mon, 07-06-2009 - 2:38pm
My own daily ritual is a prayer to my God/desses every day. Well, I try to make it two parayers, once when I get up and then when I go to bed. Though I don't always manage the first one. I can be quite foggy when I first get up.

I think that it does help me to be able to speak to my God/desses. It helps me to focus and it also gives me comfort.

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Tue, 07-07-2009 - 3:00pm

I don't have a daily ritual but I do talk to the Goddess and God throughout my day.

I have felt Innana with me a lot lately. Maybe it's the full moon or maybe it's the changes I have been trying to make in my life.

She is quite practical and straight forward with her guidance and I am grateful to have her presence in my life.


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Thu, 07-09-2009 - 12:07am
On my mantlepiece in the livingroom I have a small altar with representations of the Goddess and God. I also have symbols for the Four Directions and Elements and representations of my personal Totems for each Direction. I like to do a thankfulness exercise daily to each Direction/Element/Totem and the Lady and Lord. I also ask for their guidance and protections for my family and home.

Each Direction represents a different emphasis for me. East, Air, with my Totem the Eagle, help me see the "big picture" or focus of my life. Teaches/guides me to soar high enough to see the forces operating in my life, to come to understand the ebb and flow that is my life, and how to dance with it. South, Fire, with my Totem the Dog, guide and teach me about my power. How not to abuse it. How to gather it, direct and use it in my life, in my use of Magick. West, Water, with my Totem the Whale, guide and remind me I am Spirit, a spiritual being, living a physical existence in this physical realm. That I am the Universe; the Universe is me. The Goddess and God are within me; I am within Them. That my life is woven in spirit and its purpose, each lifetime/reincarnation, is to evolve as fully Spirit. North, Earth, with my Totem, Mama Wolf, remind me I am living connected to the Earth. Rooted in the Earth. My strength, prosperity, stamina, my Magick comes from uniting my power with the living breathing Earth. Mama Wolf teaches me when to show my hackles and fangs to protect, when to nurture, to lead/follow, to live and use power, draw power, for Magick, with personal integrity.

As I go through my day, I give thanks for keeping stop lights green long enough. To be safe. To recognize teachers sent to me, from Nature, as in animals or trees or crows, etc. Or people, strangers I encounter that bring me lessons, or I am to teach them something, and thus grow in awareness myself. I bless trees with water and thank them for their beauty and shade for my dog and I out on our daily walks, and for lessons of how to stand tall and strong in the winds of my life, to send my roots deep, and remember I belong to the Goddess and God. Everything I encounter, IOW, potential reminds me I am Spirit, I have purpose in this lifetime, to give and to take. To learn and to teach. To live fully aware of all the elements of myself, and I am always body, mind and spirit. ;))




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Fri, 07-10-2009 - 12:45pm

I say a prayer of thanksgiving to the Goddess and ALL my relations each morning on the way to work,