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Hi there, Sarah, and welcome to the board! I'm Nancy, the CL of the board. I'm glad that you found us! We have a lot of different paths represented here on the board. I myself am a Druid. So please feel free to jump in and post away and tell us about your path, your family and whatever you wish to share with the rest of us.

It's wonderful to have a supporting spouse, isn't it? My first husband was an atheist, who felt that any kind of spiritual/religious expression was wrong. He knew that I was a Pagan when we met, but I guess he thought that it was a phase I was going through. He browbeat me so badly about it that I packed up my books and supplies and took down my altar. I had abandoned my God/desses, but They had not abandoned me. Then I met DH, who is agnostic and doesn't care who or what I follow, and I have fully embraced my religion once again.

>P>And you are right about holding in the anger. I was raised agnostic, but raised in the buckle of the Bible Belt. I was angry for a long time for the way my family was treated by the Christians around us and then one day I decided that it wasn't worth it holding on to how I felt. So as long as I don't get others' religion shoved down my throat, then my attitude is live and let live. As long as I can practice my religion in peace, then that is fine. And since I don't go around dressed in witchy clothes and wearing pentagrams (it's not my symbol anyway), people are clueless as to the fact that I am a Pagan. It makes life much easier all the way around. And as long as my Christian friends are cool with their Pagan friend here, then everything is fine.
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Hi Sarah,

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Welcome to the board, Sarah!

Sorry, I didn't say hello sooner. I've been away from the board for a while.

I look forward to getting to know you!

Blue2-7 by you.

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