New Year Meditation ;))

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New Year Meditation ;))
Wed, 12-26-2012 - 9:56pm

Something to share to start the New Year off! Before starting, call the Guardians of the Four Directions, the Elements, your Totems... Cast your sacred Circle. Light a candle or a fire. Even though Samhain (Oct. 31st) is the spiritual new year. January 1st is also a new beginning for many people. Or at least it is a marker for the desire of many, to begin anew, change their lives for the better. Wishing everyone a wonderful NEW YEAR with many Blessings for Body, Mind and Spirit. Blessed Be! ♥

"Meditation for a New Year by Corinne McLaughlin

Note: This can be done as a sitting meditation, as a writing exercise, as a group ritual at midnight on New Year’s Eve, and/or as a dance/movement exercise)

Begin by taking a few deep breaths, breathing in the peace of the New Year about to unfold, breathing in the promise of the future….Then exhale, and as you do, let go of your past, and any tensions, worries and fears from the Old Year… Repeat this a few times. Now reflect on any personal problems, negative qualities or behavior patterns from the last year that you want to release. Step back and observe these problems as a detached witness. Then affirm your intention to leave them behind and wipe your slate clean. Now align with your soul, your highest self, your inner Divinity. Reflect on the most significant spiritual insights you’ve had in the last year…. What were your most important spiritual lessons? Take a moment and write these down if you like. What do you want to create for yourself in the New Year? What positive personal qualities do you want to develop? What goals do you want to achieve, personally and professionally? Reflect on how you can deepen your service to others and to the world in this next year. Now affirm your commitment to achieving these goals. Visualize the next step you are willing to take this week towards achieving one of these goals. Visualize light and strength pouring into you from your higher self, and give thanks for this help….When you are ready, slowly open your eyes, and return to your normal state of consciousness."




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Thu, 12-27-2012 - 1:44am


I think I will print this out and try it in the new year. I like something another poster said on another board about a vision board. When visualizing my next steps and services for the week/year I think I would put them on a vision board and during the week/year meditate on the best ways to get them done.

Thanks for sharing this with us.