Non dream images...

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Non dream images...
Sun, 08-21-2011 - 2:08am

Do you ever get images that just flash across your visual screen?

Like a movie switching scenes...but it's just a flash and then back to the time/place you are in?

I get this often. Sometimes I think it's the future (less often the past)..sometimes it isn't even my future. Sometimes I get the same image over and over again. Currently I am getting one where I'm in my garage and movers are putting stuff in a big truck. I'm telling them something about the way I want things packed. There are no kids or DH in the "scene"...I honestly think there will be a moment (like 20 seconds) in the future where I'll see this scene...

Other times it's really crazy. Like right now, I keep seeing a big giant tree. And it's like it's emitting a pulse into the ground and I can not only FEEL it but I can also see's like a white glowing light. I have this crazy thought that if I absorb this light, I'll be able to do something...but this whole thing lasts only a few seconds and I never get farther than that...

Anyone else experience this? Any ideas of what it is?

I used to have strong/longer ones when I was a child but I worked hard to suppress them. Now they are back for some reason...


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Tue, 08-23-2011 - 12:08am

Hi Dee, no, I don't get images like that..... sounds like psychic or otherwise your intuition at work.