The Power of Prayer

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The Power of Prayer
Thu, 02-18-2010 - 2:15pm
Other faiths, particularly Christianity, believe in the power of prayer, that God listens to prayers asking for healing, for help in a bad situation, etc. Do you, as a Pagan, also believe in the power of prayers that you send out to your deities or to the universe? Do you believe that those prayers are heard and answered?
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Thu, 02-18-2010 - 9:48pm
Not in that sense.

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Fri, 02-19-2010 - 1:37pm

My prayer, if you will, is witchcraft. I unite with the powers of the Universe, and my Lady and Lord, in doing spellwork as a Witch, to change my reality. They have given me this gift and I use it as needed, with integrity, as They have taught me. ;) I also do what I can in my mundane, everyday world, with effort. It's not about total dependence on my Deities to fix things for me, or get me through whatever is going on in my life. It's more about guidance, and uniting my personal power They gave to us, with Theirs, as well as taking action in this physical realm to make changes or deal with whatever the challenge is.

So it's not prayer in the usual sense, for me. Or maybe, it's prayer with "oomph." But with a different content/element, and focus. It's more of a partnership or team effort with my Goddess and God, albeit They are the "senior partners." ;) Rather than it all being in Their hands, my reincarnation, my life here in this physical realm. Instead, it was more in *our* hands together. To work to accomplish/learn the purpose of this current reincarnation.





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Sun, 03-07-2010 - 9:31pm
Hi sisterhoney, Not only do I like your question but I also like each of the replies you received..