A strange experience

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A strange experience
Tue, 07-28-2009 - 3:25pm
If I may, I would like to share a strange experience with you and perhaps get your perspectives?
A while back, I had this dream that I today cannot fully recall. However, I can remember awakening and just laughing!
More like giggling. Giggling so hard that my stomach begun to ache.
I remember trying to take a breath and just couldn't. I believe that I laughed for about five minutes. Since dream interpretation interests me, I'm just wanting your thoughts.
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Wed, 07-29-2009 - 1:11pm
It sounds like it was more about your emotions felt in the dream rather than some sort of message that needs to be interpreted. I've woken up from dreams totally crying but it was simply because of the sadness felt in the dream. I believe my body was just reacting to the emotions felt. Maybe your body was doing the same thing. I am NOT a dream expert by the way. Just my opinion based on personal experience :)
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Wed, 07-29-2009 - 2:53pm
I've had dreams like before, where I would wake up laughing or crying or angry. I myself have never put much stock in dreams, maily because I can never remember mine. I know that people say to get a dream journal by your bed and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. But with my sleep problems that would only make things worse. I simply can't just fall back to sleep once I woke up. I often see dreams as movies, with certain dreams elicting certain emotions, just like movies do. I've never assigned any particular meanings to my dreams.
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Sun, 08-02-2009 - 5:41am

Hello there. My abilities first made themselves clear to me through prophetic dreams, until I learned how to channel my gifts in other ways. I used to keep a dream journel because I woud have 4 -6 dreams a night so I had to keep track of it all somehow. From my experince I can tell you that what is sent to us is usually from the subconcious and what you "feel" emotionally is much more the key to the message. Many people can have the same symbols even the exact same dream and it will mean something different to each one because each symbol can have a different "feeling" to each person. I hope this make sense to you, this is why I personally

Blessed Be


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Tue, 08-04-2009 - 1:05pm

It must have been a happy dream. They are the best kind :-)

I believe dreams are contain messages for us and I keep a dream journal.