Thankfulnesss :)

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Thankfulnesss :)
Wed, 11-23-2011 - 1:41pm

I saw this and liked it. A mindful prayer for this Thanksgiving here in the U.S., or any time, actually: ;)

This food is the gift of the whole universe—the earth, the sky, and much hard work.

May we live in a way that makes us worthy to receive it.

May we transform our unskillful states of mind, especially our greed.

May we take only foods that nourish us and prevent illness.

We accept this food so that we may realize the path of practice.





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Wed, 11-23-2011 - 2:52pm

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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Thu, 11-24-2011 - 11:56am
thanks for sharing that!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!