Valerian Root Powder

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Valerian Root Powder
Wed, 12-28-2011 - 7:48pm


I was wondering if any of you are into teas. I have just really started getting involved with all the different kinds of teas and recently purchased Valerian Root (I have anxiety and am tired of chemical alternatives). I was trying to look up how to prepare the tea but found two very conflicting ways: Make the tea with hot water and Do Not make the tea with hot water.

Has anyone used this to make a tea and if so how did you prepare it.

Any input is VERY appreciated!

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Wed, 12-28-2011 - 8:56pm

Sorry, no experience to share - and I am also not a tea drinker.

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Tue, 02-07-2012 - 3:46am

I have never tried the Valarian Root tea, but I have used it in capsule form. Most health food/ vitamin shops carry these, which may be another option besides the tea. Also Passion Flower has calming effects and can be paired with the Valarian. :)