What is Your Magickal Focus?

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What is Your Magickal Focus?
Wed, 06-24-2009 - 2:26am
Not all of us here on the board practice magick as part of their path, but for those of us who do, what is your magickal focus? Are you involved in healing magick, or perhaps herbalism? Are you into channeling or different forms of divination, such as the Tarot or the runes? Do you invoke nature spirits or call upon your spirit guides or the elements? Or do you use something else as your magickal focus?

How did you choose this field of expertise? Did you find that you were a natural at this or was this something you had to train or study for in order to become proficient at it?

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Fri, 06-26-2009 - 4:06pm

I don't really have a specific focus. I kind of dabble in a little bit of everything. Divination through Tarot

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Fri, 06-26-2009 - 6:01pm
My own focus has mostly been the Tarot and runes. Because I'm studying to be a Druid, I'm starting to learn the Ogham as well. Another focus is trance dancing. I would love to be able to meditate, but I simply can't get my mind focused on nothingness. I can't still my thoughts.
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Sat, 06-27-2009 - 1:21pm
I use the tool that seems instinctively or intuitively, most appropriate for my purpose and need. Ritual. Spell work. Herbs, incense, candles. Calling on my Totems or the Elements. Stones or my Wolf cards. Powers from Nature or trees. I am self-taught with books and meditation connection to the guidance of the Lady and Lord. My own body, mind and spirit are also my tools for Magickal purposes.




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