December 2011 Roll Call!!!

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December 2011 Roll Call!!!
Mon, 12-05-2011 - 9:43am

Good Monday morning, everyone!!!

Can you believe we have made it to the end of the year?!

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Mon, 12-05-2011 - 4:13pm

member name (or first name) - ladybookworm

general location - California

what your goals are for this month - continue being financially responsible, complete my application for grad school, and winter cleaning/purging.

a quick summary of how your year went - the year was up and down as far as employment and finances, but I think I did ok considering.

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Tue, 12-06-2011 - 11:47pm

Hello everyone!!

My member name is CL-PrincessB07 and my first name is Brittany

I reside in North Mississippi

My goals for the month are to make it through this week of finals, finish Christmas shopping by next week, and enjoy my holiday break

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Tue, 12-13-2011 - 1:07am
Hi Princess :)
My name is Casey. I live in Alberta, Canada.
My goals for this month are to become closer to the woman I want to be -- self-assured, good partner, better at cooking, let things slide off my back easier. I plan to do that by staying involved in my bible studies, and to use self-talking techniques to keep my mind on track with happiness instead of doubt.
My last year was a whirlwind. I graduated from chiropractic school, moved, dated a great guy whom wasn't ready for marriage and got freaked out by our closeness.. he loves me as much as I love him and I hope for a future with him some day. Also in the last year I went to Mexico with my mom, went down to California for my grad trip with my mom and 3 aunts, started working at a fitness club and love it.. and so much more.
Next year I look forward to being closer to the woman I want to be, and enjoying life. My new years resolution is to not take myself so seriously yet to always see my own worth.
Looking forward to reading what everyone else says :)
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Tue, 12-13-2011 - 10:10pm
Member name: deltadiva84
General Location: The Bahamas
Goals for this month: make up my mind about what I want out of my life
How my year was: Mr Right turned out to be Mr oh so wrong, enjoying more quality time with friends and I met someone in October who I'm fallin for but I know I can't have. Work has been great, health great, family great, love life needs a lot of work.
What I look forward to next year: the same great things from this year with a much better love life!

And that's me!!!
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Wed, 12-14-2011 - 3:32am
Wonderful to have you on the board, ladybookworm!!!

Wow, we are so far away from each other! How is the weather in Cali?

You have set some great goals for the month, especially financially responsible! Congrats on getting ready for grad school. I know you will be a success there!! Let's not mention the winter cleaning, lol!!

You are so right about things could have been a lot worse!! I'm gald you were able to grow personally and career wise! What type of volunteer work do you like to do? Yay, for being healthy and stepping out in the "love" world!!

What are some of the places you would like to travel to?

You are going to make a great impression:)

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Wed, 12-14-2011 - 3:43am

Hello, MissCasey!!! Nice to see you around the board!!!

I applaud you for wanting to become a better woman. You have a wonderful outline and as long as you stay focused on the Man above, you will be fine!!! Are you doing any online studies with the Bible?

Congrats on your graduation!! We all had our ups and downs in the love department. However, we grow from each experience.

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Wed, 12-14-2011 - 3:48am
Welcome to the board, deltadiva84!! Nice name!!

Wow, I'm sure you love all the beautiful scenery in the Bahamas. I have always wanted to visit there!!

I see we are pretty much in the same boat! My love life wasn't good either. However, I am really enjoying the single life!! I admit, it gets lonely at times, but I am free from drama and stress!! You will get Mr. Right:)