IM messaging while at work

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IM messaging while at work
Thu, 02-17-2011 - 11:30am


I have this habit of keeping my IM (AIM, Yahoo) online at all times while I am at work. My workplace is more laidback where I know my boss is not very bothered about what I do online as long as I get the work done. But I am constantly multi-tasking talking with old friends and new friends I have made online. It will be just causal chat, gossip, updates, and stuff like that. Its not bothering me but I feel addicted at times. Do you any of you do that while at work? Apart from "I should not be IMing at work" what other repercursions it might have?

I just felt like sharing this :)


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Fri, 02-18-2011 - 9:29am
Well, I never IM'd at work. This was mostly because the corporate firewall blocked IM other than the corporate IM program. I was working in finance and insurance industries, and information is extremely confidential so IM to the outside wasn't allowed. A lot of companies have started blocking IM on the network. I'm kind of surprised by how many companies allow it since it's pretty easy to turn off.

I, myself, wouldn't IM at work even if it was allowed because it does open up the door for viruses and puts the company's network at risk (says the girl who worked in IT). If I absolutely had to IM friends while at work, I'd probably just use my phone.

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Fri, 02-18-2011 - 10:15am

I'm the systems administrator so I do whatever I want! :) No one is looking over my shoulder.

I do chat at work sometimes. But only if I can multitask and still be productive. Women do this a lot better than men, by the way...

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Sun, 03-27-2011 - 12:34am
The most I do at work is check Facebook once or twice during my lunch hour. While we have an allotted amount of free time each day, corporate IT keeps tabs on all our network usage. The last thing I need is to get in trouble for being on the internet too much.