What I Know About Love Now That I'm In My 20s

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What I Know About Love Now That I'm In My 20s
Wed, 02-15-2012 - 10:06am

A friend posted this article today, I'm not normally big on things like these but everything in here is so 100% spot on... It's easy when you're in a relationship you're undecided about to want to focus on all the little details, but this is a great motivation to look at the bigger picture.


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Thanks for sharing this with us, undercovercrab!!!

This came at a much needed time in my life!! I have had absolutely NO luck in the "dating world." I beginning to think that I just need to take this time and focus on myself...

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I'd say I definitely discovered the stuff in this article over the last few years. The hardest one for me to accept was "It's not how he is when things are good; it's how he is when things are bad." The whole point of a partnership is to be a team. No one should have to deal with everything alone (especially the heavy stuff) and when I find that is what I'm doing then I might as well just be alone then. This was something I'm glad I realized early on with the last guy I was seeing. Sure dumping him was hard, but I'm definitely a lot happier.
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