why does my boss confide in me?

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why does my boss confide in me?
Fri, 07-27-2012 - 12:58am



I'm a 29 year old female and I work with a boss who tells me things that he probably shouldn't be telling me. For example, our employer is launching something innovative that is still in talks but if this info is leaked out, even within the company, it may cause lots of questions and excitement to arise. He told me I cannot tell ANYone with direct eye contact.  I happen to be seriously dating an employee and he hinted when he said" "ANYone" that I shouldn't also tell my boyfriend. Why would he tell me this especially because I am dating an employee and that may risk me telling him because he is my boyfriend? I am not going to tell my boyfriend for obvious reasons.  He has also told me things about employees that bugs him that he's sworn me to secrecy that this convo stays here..A couple times he compared me and my boyfriend and say how I am doing a better job at this and that, and he is not. It almost feels like he's trying to get me to be on his side? I dont know maybe its in my head.

I know there's chemistry between us... We mesh well. We have very similar viewpoints and agree on a lot of things. People have said he may have a thing for me... I refuse to believe it... I think its him just being friendly or 'being a guy'. I do think he's attractive, but I don't hint at that to him. We do favors for each other, when one of us is free. But I don't see it as anything and I don't believe he does either.. He is the arrogant, competitive, very confident, enjoys challenges type.

  Anyway, just confused.. Why would he confide all this to me, knowing the risk of me telling my bf (even though I don't-- but he doesn't know that!) I like that he trusts me.. But sometimes knowing a lot of stuff makes me nervous!